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Modern-day R&B/Electro-Soul sensation Jimmie Hambrick is BACK with a smooth new groove that courageously explores the depths of emotions & relationships while providing outstanding entertainment for the ears. Built solidly on thought-provoking personal insight and relatable lyricism – singer/songwriter Hambrick’s new-single “Ecstasy” audibly makes your mind move through the words every bit as much as the sweet rhythm & beat move the body & soul.

Released officially October, 28th 2016 – “Ecstasy” highlights the parallel that exists between the intensity and feelings of liking anything too much & how strong of a grip situations like this can have on our lives. Written from the ground-up – Jimmie drew inspiration from the texture, tones and vibe in the music to create lyrics that cut right to the core of what drives our interactions & relationships and genuinely reflect the powerfully emotional and stunning atmosphere of the music on “Ecstasy.”

With a soulful & passionate approach to his vocals – listeners truly feel each word of “Ecstasy” resonate within them, expressing out-loud what many people can relate to and have experienced themselves. Hambrick’s sincerity and authentic style combine perfectly throughout the transitions & flow of the new-single, resulting in an unforgettable moment in music that speaks directly & honestly, straight to the heart. The amount of focus, thought and care put into “Ecstasy” completely reveal the versatile and dynamic abilities of Jimmie Hambrick and highlights 100% of the talent, passion & skill he has in his writing, performance and professionalism to take his entire career to the next-level.

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